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Game of the Month

We selected the Milwaukee Brewers 9/15/05 as our September Game of the Month and saw them bust out for 7 runs in the top of the 3rd inning to take an early 9-0 lead.NBA live mobile cheats They raised that lead to 12-0 in the fourth. It was a cakewalk plus among our simplest Game of the Month predictions.

Not only were the odds for these Brewers better than any normal basketball game, the probability for them to win was greater than every NBA basketball game I handicapped last season. We assessed this game from a variety of angles and saw absolutely no reason these Brewers should have been -104.

The spread with this match was set so low because the Brewers will not be a team which is going to be supported by bettors especially on the highway.

First, the Brewers have now been playing nicely having won 6 games L10 going up against a fighting Diamondbacks from the weak NL West. The Brewers are an above 500 team from the NL West. The home field advantage is a legitimate argument in a few events but here it is just not. The Diamondbacks are a lousy 30-41 at home. They have a much better road record.

Second, the Brewers are inspired from their loss yesterday. They lost in extra innings 2-1 with a multitude of great opportunities to win the match. Ricki Weeks single handedly lost them that match by having 7 LOBs and base runners in scoring position several times with less than 2 outs. He went 0-for-5.

 All they desired was a few hits in the underside or top of the orders to really make a run at getting a group of runs. The truth that they couldn't do this the night before actually bodes well for them today as they are going to focus on their offense and really hit lights out.

Fourth, the Brewers were sending out Tomo Ohka who is a Jewel for them this season. In his only outing from the Diamondbacks, he only gave up 1 earned run on 4 hits in a 3-0 losing cause. He tossed great but his offense let him down. This is just another motivating factor for the offense in this match.

Fifth, history was on our side as there clearly was a fantastic baseball betting system uncovered that the Brewers were a section of that indicated they were undervalued by about 50 points and should have been -160.